Rogan Josh Paste Pots

Rogan Josh Paste Pots

Our authentic blend of aromatic spices including paprika, cumin, fennel and cloves for a beautifully balanced Rogan Josh dish, packed into a handy pot for two.

Established in England in 1957, Patak’s has grown to be a household brand name in the UK – with products used by professional chefs and home cooks across the world. Patak’s is the number one market leader for pastes in both catering and consumer markets.

Indian cooking is dependent on the quality and freshness of the herbs and spices used. The grinding process releases aromatic oils from the spices which create the delicious flavours you can taste in Indian cuisine.

Spices deteriorate very quickly so Patak’s uses the freshest spices. We put them into our products before they lose the key essential oils that provide all the flavour. These spices are then combined with other ingredients, such as chillies and coriander leaves, to create a
delicate blend that gives each dish its unique taste.




400gm, 500gm, 1Kg


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